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An Innovative Marketing Tool for Your Business: YDC Digital Catalog

Digital catalogs, which have recently become a trend in digital marketing, are one of the new generation promotional tools used by companies to make the promotions of their products and services more attractive. Prepared with quality product visuals and eye-catching professional designs, digital catalogs play a one-to-one role in influencing customers, while at the same time, products and services are presented using catchy descriptions, thus enabling customers to have clear ideas about products and services.

Developing innovative solutions to facilitate business processes in corporate life, Dijital Gen aims to carry product and service promotions to higher levels with Interactive Catalog YDC compared to printed/traditional catalogues.

Digital Catalog What are the Highlights of YDC?

  • The digital catalog allows you to easily deliver your products and services to potential customers. Unlike print catalogues, with Digital Catalog YDC anyone can view the entire product range at any time with just one click. In this way, customers can access the catalog at any time and on any device and examine your products in detail.
  • Thanks to its updatable feature, it becomes much easier to reach accurate information about your current products and services with the digital catalog YDC.
  • Since the catalogs prepared in digital environments do not have printing costs, it is possible to say that the New Generation Digital Catalog YDC is, of course, more cost-effective than traditional catalogues.
  • YDC Interactive Catalog, which can be fully customized according to the demands of the customers, is prepared using high quality visuals and has a modern design. In this way, it increases the institutionalism and prestige of the enterprises. While there is limited use of images in printed catalogues, it is possible to add many images to interactive catalogs and more realistic and impressive designs can be created. This gives customers a more visually rich experience and enables products to be presented in a more attractive way.
  • There is no wear, wear or damage in interactive catalogs that are available in the digital environment and working online. Therefore, the interactive catalog has a longer lifetime than the printed catalogues. While printed catalogs need updating and renewing over time, interactive catalogs can be used continuously without any physical deterioration or obsolescence since they are in digital media. This makes your business’s interactive catalog a longer-lasting marketing tool.
  • The contribution of the interactive catalog in sustainability studies, which has emerged as one of the important issues of recent years, is quite remarkable.
  • As it is known, environmentally friendly businesses that prefer sustainable solutions aim to reduce the use of paper, which is critical for ecological balance, thanks to digital solutions. In this context, YDC interactive catalog has taken its place among the products that you can contribute to the future by preventing paper waste and being environmentally friendly.
  • Customers can view the products of the companies at any time and make detailed examinations through digital catalogues. In this way, customers can quickly and easily discover products and obtain information.
  • However, there are many alternatives for sharing the YDC Interactive Catalogue with customers. YDC catalog can be sent to customers instantly via QR Code and link. At the same time, thanks to its link sharing feature, YDC Catalog can be easily shared on social media platforms and it becomes easier to reach large masses in product marketing.
  • You can visit our page to create your interactive digital catalog with special designs for your business in Dijital Gen and to examine the YDC Interactive Catalog more closely.

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